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IMEX2018: How Holland takes a stand

23 apr 2018

Door: Thijs Peters, Director of Sales van Postillion Hotels Nederland.

Buyers and suppliers are counting down the days to the 2018 edition of IMEX Frankfurt, one of the highlights of the year in our MICE industry.  Frankfurt is the place to be for building new relationships, maintaining existing ones, and (especially if it is up to us suppliers) closing deals. Of course our purpose of being at the Messe Frankfurt is to present to you our own venue or destination, as it is for every stand representative.  But in doing so, I believe the Dutch stand is different from any other stand. For those few buyers who have not yet been acquainted to the Dutch Approach below you will find a short introduction of what to expect at stand E100!

1. We will bring flowers

No courtship without flowers. Tulips to be exact.  If you leave Frankfurt without a tulip on your badge you haven’t really been to IMEX at all. Our happy stick-on tulips are the official proof you visited or passed by the Holland Stand.  And yes, should you want a second Tulip on your badge you are welcome to come and get one, but don’t push your luck: Three is seldom an option (we are still Dutch).

2. We will smile at you

Obviously. Nothing says ‘keep walking’ more than a stand representative staring at a smartphone or avoiding eye contact. Even if you don’t have any business for the Netherlands this year, we will hand out free smiles. Because as you know, it all starts there.

3. We will walk you down the aisle

Just sitting at desks waiting never made anything happen. So the Dutch are in the aisle.  We know you buyers are in a hurry (life isn’t easy if you are hosted). Meeting schedule in hand, rushing from one appointment to the other there is little time to stop. But no worries, we might just smoothly accompany you for a few meters to give you the treatment as mentioned in point one and two to make sure you will want to return to the Holland Stand.

4. We will tie the knot

Visiting Holland at IMEX can be the beginning of a long and lasting partnership.  Whether it is an appointment and actual RFP or just a quick chat in the aisle, it often starts at IMEX.  And when there is a connection we will certainly not hesitate to pop that one question: “ Do you consider Holland for your next event ?“. All you have to say is: “Yes, I do”!

5. We will get you that drink

At the end of a long day of appointments and conversations, some more promising than others, you feel more toasted than hosted ( and are not able to even slightly appreciate bad word jokes anymore). You crave for that drink. All you have to do is drag your weary feet through the aisle one more time until, in the distance, an orange fata morgana arises with Dutch beer, cheese and bitter balls. The perfect moment and place to evaluate the day and get ready for the next one.

So see you at the Holland Stand. Looking forward!

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