Our hotels put emphasis on your CSR policies

Your organization's CSR goals confirm your modern vision. Postillion Hotels complies with this strategic direction, through its progressive environmental and CSR policies. We are actively committed to environmental care and CSR. And we go beyond the statutory obligations.

The Green Key is the international certification for sustainability and CSR in the tourism, recreational, meeting and convention location sector. Green Key Netherlands has Bronze, Silver and Gold standards, depending on the number of CSR measures. All our hotels operate on the highest level: Gold.

What does this mean for you, as our guest?


All our hotels use the latest in energy efficient LED and T5 lighting.


The kitchen uses a lot of organic and eco-friendly produce and ingredients. Our breakfast has a little packaging as possible. You can take the exact amount of cheese, sugar, milk, et cetera, that you want, and we produce less waste.

Clean soap

Even our soap dispensers are eco-friendly and entirely biodegradable. The soap in all bathrooms has the EKO label (certified organic product manufactured by a company which pays extra attention to sustainability).

In the laundry?

You indicate when you want your towels and linens laundered. By not washing them everyday, we can save a lot of water and they will last longer. 

Clean and green shower

Our shower heads and taps are efficient in conserving water, yet maintaining your showering comfort. This is how we save water while you shower. 


All of our hotels have a CSR team. Do you have any questions about our policies or indeed any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Please talk to us during your stay or contact your hotel via phone or e-mail.

More information

Read more about Green Key or download our extensive annual CSR Report.