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Voice-controlled rooms open at the Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam

19 Dec 2019

Postillion Hotels innovates through smart hospitality

December onwards, all 252 rooms of the Postillion Hotel Amsterdam will be voice-controlled. Using solely their voice, guests will now be able to activate a number of the room's features such as curtains, lighting, temperature and television. In the coming time, Postillion will experiment with voice control beyond the rooms, for services such as taxi ordering. Postillion is one of the first hotels worldwide to use this technology in this manner and at such a scale - so many rooms simultaneously controlled through one central operating system. With these and other innovations, Postillion makes a major contribution to the digitalisation of the hotel industry. Previously, the hotel chain had already developed an Artificial Intelligence booking system for hotel nights, planning of meetings and conferences: a cutting-edge innovation for the provision of services within the hotels- and conventions market.

Erik-Jan Ginjaar, Managing Director of Postillion Hotels, states: "As we were building our new hotel in Amsterdam, we immediately sought to ensure that the rooms were future-proof. This implied, among others, introducing voice control on a large scale: a significant step within our field. Smart hospitality offers countless opportunities and possibilities. In parallel, it is a useful learning process. Soon after the completion of the first few rooms, it became clear that some hotel guests struggled with the lack of old-fashioned telephones in the rooms. Traditional working methods are still often the norm within our sector. It is, therefore, an even greater challenge to bring our company -and everyone surrounding it- into the digital transformation that we, as Postillion, have in mind."

Beyond the room

The particularity of the Postillion system is its central operating system, controlling all 252 rooms. Many consumer solutions for voice control are singular - with only one room controlled per system. As a frontrunner in the field, Postillion's future aims are to use this voice control system for services beyond the rooms, for instance allowing clients to make external reservations, to order taxis or to call housekeeping. The system is also increasingly intelligent and intuitive. In the future, if a guest says "I'm cold", the system itself will think to increase the room temperature.

In November 2018, two initial rooms were equipped with the voice-controlled system; from 16 December, all rooms can be operated by voice. This project is made possible through Postillion's collaboration with hardware supplier/manufacturer Harman (part of SAMSUNG), SoundHound and Bourgonje

About Postillion Hotels

Postillion Hotels is a Dutch hotel chain with establishments in Amsterdam, Utrecht Bunnik, Rotterdam, Amersfoort Veluwemeer, Arnhem, Deventer and Dordrecht. The hotel chain focuses primarily on the market of meetings, conferences and conventions. With the Meet Work Stay-concept, Postillion Hotels meets all needs of today's business travellers. Meet Work Stay is a comprehensive solution through which meetings, work and accommodation form an integrated formula. In the business operations of Postillion Hotels, innovation and the exploration of new opportunities in the field are crucial focal points.

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