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Postillion appoints first virtual influencer of the Netherlands as brand ambassador

07 Jul 2020

Postillion Hotels is entering a long-term partnership with Esther Olofsson, the first original virtual influencer in the Netherlands. The partnership is set to kick off in early 2021 with the opening of Postillion’s new hotel at the World Trade Centre (WTC) Rotterdam. Olofsson is fully computer-generated, a creation of communications consultancy RauwCC. As a bits-and-bytes brand ambassador, she’ll be prominently involved in the festive ribbon-cutting and opening of the new Postillion hotel. Olofsson will be available 24/7 to hotel guests as a trusted city guide.​

Since 2015, Postillion has been operating its Convention Centre in a landmark building in Rotterdam, and as of 2021 it will also offer hotel accommodations. 168 former office units are being converted into hotel rooms. Influencer Olofsson will use her digital skills and exceptional know-how about hotspots and highlights in the city of Rotterdam to inspire hotel guests.

Esther Olofsson

Esther Olofsson was developed fully in-house by RauwCC, in a project headed by Maarten Reijgersberg, the company’s founder. When creating her, he was inspired by existing digital colleagues of Olofsson such as Lil' Miquela, Noonoouri and Shudu.

 Although Swedish-born Esther Olofsson (29) may consist entirely of bits and bytes, she can appear in real-world locations in visual-physical form. Like any other person, she makes choices based on her origin story. Her broad international background makes her a good match for the internationally-oriented city of Rotterdam and Postillion, which is increasingly focussed on the international hotel and conference market. By nature, she is available around the clock.

Digitalisation and innovation

Digitalisation and innovation are both high priorities for Postillion. For example, all 252 rooms of the Postillion Hotel Amsterdam are voice-controlled, and Postillion has launched its own AI-based booking system dubbed ''Michiel'.

'A partnership with Esther is a logical step for Postillion. She is high-tech, advanced, unique; all things that are a perfect fit with the steps we’re taking in the field of smart hospitality. Collaborating with a virtual influencer opens up tremendous possibilities. Esther is available everywhere and at all times to serve our guests as a digital city guide. We’re proud that this partnership also contributes to the development of virtual influencers as a service,' says Erik-Jan Ginjaar, CEO of Postillion Hotels.

Follow Esther Olofsson on Instagram at @esther.olofsson and learn more about her in her media kit, available here.

About RauwCC

RauwCC is Rotterdam's leading communications consultancy in social media. The agency can be counted on for a critical eye as well as an eye for flair. With its unique team of content makers and managers, the agency develops projects from concept to strategy and from implementation to publication. RauwCC also creates motion graphics, social videos, infographics and corporate identities for a broad range of clients. RauwCC believes in the combination of offline and online communication. With a broad package of creative and support services, RauwCC creates content that works. And RauwCC knows that the best results always come from co-creation.​
rauwcc.nl - linkedin.com/rauwcc - twitter.com/rauwcc - facebook.com/rauwcc

About Postillion Hotels

Postillion Hotels is a Dutch hotel chain with locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht Bunnik, Rotterdam, Amersfoort Veluwemeer, Arnhem, Deventer and Dordrecht. The chain focuses primarily on the meeting and conference market. Postillion’s 'Meet Work Stay' concept is designed to meet all the needs of today’s business traveller. 'Meet Work Stay' is a total concept in which meeting, working and overnight stays are integrated into a total package. One of Postillion Hotels’ major areas of focus in its operations is innovating and exploring new possibilities in the market.​
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