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Business Point: get more out of your workday

Working undisturbed in a comfortable flexiplace? Time between two appointments? Get more out of your workday and come work in our Business Point. Perfect access and with all the amenities. Simply park your car, free of charge, and get right to work. Alone or with colleagues.

Opt for one of the functional and flexible workspaces. Experience our hospitality and service. Discover the convenience of our many facilities. We are happy to welcome you at any time. For an hour or as long as you want. Alone or together with colleagues and partners. Take a seat, plug in and get right to work.

Experience the convenience

The package includes a comfortable workspace, fast WiFi, free parking, unlimited coffee, tea, petitfours and water with added fresh ingredients such as cucumber, mint, ginger and chilli, citrus fruit and pineapple. At only € 7.00 per person, per hour, you are given the basic ingredients for maximum output and the best business results.