Cooper & Cecile

Welcome to the brand new BBQ restaurant in Amsterdam
"Cooper & Cecile".

Cooper & Cecile

1945, liberation of Amsterdam. The Canadian Cooper meets the elegant Dutch Cecile. Despite the fact that little was available, they tried to make a feast of every meal. The organization came from Cecile who was completely absorbed in the details. Cooper, on the other hand, had a real passion for rustic cooking. In his homeland he spent his ideal day off with hunting, fishing and preparing his catches for cooking on charcoal. Now, the goal was to put a nutritious and fantastic meal on the table with little food. Cecile looked for hours for the perfect decor and right ambience. Together, they made sure that all attendees had the night of their lives.


Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam pays a tribute to Cooper & Cecile who already knew what the ingredients were for an evening full of fun and a good meal.

The Gumball factory

The restaurant located at the site of the old gumball factory, once established as a tribute to the Canadian liberators, now brings the right atmosphere that was so characteristic to Cooper and Cecile.