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Make your meeting a success

Make your meeting or corporate event a smashing success. Exceed your guests' expectations. We guarantee perfect planning and a tight execution. Choose from our many meeting packages or opt for an exclusive approach, made to measure. How can we be of service?

Your business meeting impeccably run, with an eye for detail. That is what Postillion Hotels is all about. From decor and catering to technical execution. Discover our professional meeting rooms. Spacious, light and with innovative AV facilities. Plus: 100% ease of parking for all guests. 

Meeting packages

A meeting for a certain number of hours, including snacks, drinks, a culinary lunch and other exclusive extras? At Postillion Hotels, you can choose from a range of surprising meeting packages. 

Custom made packages

A successful meeting, which your guests will remember. In order to achieve this, we are happy to inspire you with creative ideas, culinary suggestions and stylish impressions for the decor of your meeting or conference room. Elements which reinforce the program or your organisation's identity. Do you yourself have specific ideas? We are happy to implement them, down to the last detail. 

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