Dear guest/relation,

During the Government press conference of 23 March, anti-Covid19 measures in the Netherlands have been been extended. It is painful and difficult of course, but absolutely vital in order to gain some much-needed perspective. We remain open and ask you to decide whether you need to travel or not. Only together can we find this perspective sooner!

The latest restrictions will also greatly affect the services that we at Postillion Hotels are able to provide. This is what they will mean for guests:

Hotel guests

All Postillion Hotels (with the exception of Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Rotterdam, opening 2 April 2021) are open and guests are welcome to stay. However, the restaurants at our locations are not open and we are not allowed to offer room service. We can provide you with breakfast in the form of a breakfast bag that can be picked up at the reception. We also offer dinners in the same style from 31 March. A dinner box can be picked up at the reception. All take away must be consumed in the room. Except for the aforementioned, we will not be able to provide food and drinks on location. Food deliveries by third parties are allowed, but delivery drivers will not be able to enter the building after 20:30 because of the curfew.  This will also apply to all other passers-by. This what this means for your booking:

  1. Have you just booked a room as part of your booking? You can keep this reservation and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our locations.

  2. Have you booked an overnight stay with breakfast? Then you can pick up your breakfast at the reception. Breakfast must then be consumed in the room.

  3. Have you booked a package? Then your breakfast and dinner ( From March 31) can be collected in a bag at the reception. The food must then be consumed in the room.
  4. Prefer not to stay? Reservations made for the lockdown period can be cancelled free of charge. Have you already paid? We will issue you with a voucher that you can use at a later date.

Meeting guests
Due to the lockdown, from 15th December 2020 we will unfortunately no longer be able to host meetings.* Reservations can be cancelled free of charge. Our team will actively contact you regarding this. You will be welcome at our hotels again from 31 March. Want to host your meeting online? You can do this in one of our studios. Take a look at our options here or contact one of our colleagues.

*Legally required training can take place in consultation with the location. This also applies to parties who have an exemption.

Light at the end of the tunnel
Although this extension of the restrictions is hard, we can already see light at the end of the tunnel. We can only get there with your help. If we come together now, we will soon be able to go back to normal. Only together can we do this. We will keep you up-to-date with what’s going on via our website, social media and our employees. During this time we will of course continue to give our guests the attention with impact’ that you can always expect from us. For now, stay healthy and take good care of each other!

With hospitable regards,
Erik-Jan Ginjaar