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Female touch: for you as our female business guest

Postillion Hotels likes to offer you, our female business guest, something extra. From courtesy gifts and flexible check-in, to a reserved parking space next to the entrance. This will make you feel even more at home in our beautiful hotels. Do you wish to make use of this Female touch, free of charge? Please inform us when booking.

The extra service starts the moment you arrive. Close to the hotel entrance, special - extra well-lit - parking spaces are reserved for you, as our female business guest. Especially at night, this is very reassuring. After a warm welcome, you will immediately receive your room-key. So, you will not have to waste time before you can freshen up in your room. 

Your room is also fully equipped for your needs as a female business guest. You will find magazines there, a hair dryer and a free lady kit, containing various essentials for women. Settled in nicely? Then come back to the reception desk to complete your check-in and we will serve you a glass of Prosecco.