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Want to work really effective? That is possible in our Business Point

What do you do with the time between 2 appointments? Secretly Netflix? A power nap in a parking lot? That is a shame, because effective working time is lost. If you book a flex desk in our Business Point, you can prepare your next appointment in peace. Or make a report of your previous appointment. No hassle with parking. Because our Business Points are very easily accessible. You are usually only 1 turn away from a nice workplace. You just need to know. You can find our Business Points in Amersfoort, Arnhem, Bunnik, Deventer and Dordrecht.

An alternative to the noisy coffee bar

Of course you can also sit in a cafe or coffee bar. Only a small chance that the other guests will keep a low profile if you have to write a difficult piece. And that Spotify playlist from the bar staff may not really be the ideal soundtrack for you to update your accounting. And that free parking space? You can forget that in the center of the city. Be smart and treat yourself and your business to a visit to our Business Point,

Fast meeting on the way

Our Business Points are not only used by flex workers looking for a quiet workplace. They are also popular places for short meetings or brainstorms. Ideal for when you want to work together but don't live close to each other. Meet somewhere half way and do smart business. Our flex desks are ideal for people in a hurry who want to efficiently organize their time. You book our flex spaces per hour. Of course you will be perfectly cared for in that hour. With coffee, tea, fruit water, free parking and fast Wi-Fi.

Work smart for the price of less than two cups of coffee

You can already work for 7 euros an hour in our business point. A workplace for two cups of free coffee.. And we are not even talking about free parking and a nice workplace. And oh yes: if you want to make a print, we will do it for you free of charge. Printing your annual report is of course a different story. Got an appetite due to all the hard work? We have Brainfood ready for you. Healthy snacks with slow sugars. This keeps you on your toes. And of course you are also very welcome for lunch or dinner.