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Never Hangry with Brainfood

Do you know the term Hangry? It means something like being suddenly cranky because your blood sugar is low. You can no longer think clearly. A normal conversation is difficult, especially attending a meeting. You better stay away from someone who is a hangry. And therefore also colleagues who are hangry. Fortunately, we came up with something clever at Postillion Hotels: Brainfood. These are healthy snacks full of slow sugars. They ensure that you get over a dip quickly. And not only that: they are also incredibly tasty.

Brainfood for every moment of the day

Our Brainfood is available all day long. Do you feel a dip? Grab something from the buffet. In the morning, you can choose from date fig balls, fresh fruit, and blueberry muffins. In the afternoon we present, among other things, a pumpkin seed cookie, raw vegetables, nuts and crackers. And of course we also came up with something for the evening dip. From 6 pm, you will find chips from Lentils and raw vegetables with dip on the menu. And do you not have a dip but just want something tasty? Go ahead. But make sure you still have place in your stomach for our delicious lunch or dinner.

Why Brainfood is indispensable for your meeting

Meetings can be quite intensive. You have to process a lot of information, take a position and listen and respond continuously. Good nutrition for your brain helps you to stay focused. You prevent a sugar dip and stay focused longer. And does your brain need even more challenge? Then we have something else for you: Brainbreaks. At Postillion we like to surprise you. We like to stimulate our guests with special concepts. Whether you come to sleep with us, meet or work at our Business Point. We like to break our brains about how we can make you happy.