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Exclusive at Postillion: Brain Breaks

This is how you make a party of meeting

Fair is fair: meetings are quite strenuous. The longer it takes, the more likely your thoughts are to wander to other things. That summer vacation that you still have to book, for example. Or that birthday present for that friend who is soon throwing a big party. Nothing to feel guilty about: everyone does it. And there is something to do about it. Because with a surprising activity you can shake up your meeting. Meet our Brain Breaks: stimulating energizers that give a boost to meetings.

Treat for your brain

Our Brain Breaks are a party for your brain. Kind of a confetti cannon for your brain. At an unexpected moment you are equally well awakened. And then you can continue the meeting with new energy. Bet you come up with new ideas? We have put together a menu of 5 different breaks: something for everyone. From a lot of noise to complete silence. From effort to relaxation.

Choose your favorite Brain Break

Which break will bring your meeting back to life? Choose from these 5 options:

  1. The Shiatsu Break: Pamper your body to get out of your head. With a wonderful shiatsu massage you can completely relax. Do you know the feeling you get when you sit in a beachclub after a long beach walk with wind and enjoy a chocolate milk? You enter the meeting with exactly that feeling.

  2. Brass Break: Something for you if you like bells and whistles. Or actually: bells and drums. Our brass band turns the meeting room upside down in no time. Sitting still is impossible. Continuing the meeting also by the way. But that is also the intention of a break, of course.

  3. Yoga Break: Sitting still for a long time is not good for you. So it's a good plan to be kind to your body. A yoga break helps with this. Say nothing at all, just feel. And then continue with fresh energy with your meeting.

  4. Haka Break: What is good for the Maoris is also good for you. Just try it. A Haka works wonders for the team feeling. Are you opposed during a meeting? Try a Haka.

  5. Balloon break: You are never too old for balloons. Have fun and turn and fold until you have made your colleague's dog. Or that colleague himself. Fun guaranteed. A nice souvenir to take home too.