15 Minute fix

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Something went wrong? We will solve it within 15 minutes.

900 Seconds. We need that much time to help you out. We promise that. If you book a meeting room with us, you automatically get the guarantee that we will solve a problem within fifteen minutes. Because you are not the first to spill coffee over your laptop. Or forget that one important cable. So is something going wrong? Let our employees know. We will solve it for you.

At Postillion Hotels we can do a lot in 15 minutes

At Postillion Hotels we have a thing for the number 15. We not only solve a problem within 15 minutes. We also serve a nice lunch or meal within 15 minutes. You can recognize these dishes by the Dish 15 icon on the menu. What else do we have with 15? We don't mind if you come with 15 or 115 people. You can even visit with 1515 colleagues at our locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Why a 15 minute fix

At Postillion Hotels we love surprises. Our guests usually also, but then it must be a positive surprise. A forgotten laptop or broken laptop is often less appreciated. We ensure quickly and silently that your meeting is not delayed. And we do that very fanatic. Because why solve something within 15 minutes if it can also be done within 5 minutes?

Is your blunder also in this list?

Are you curious about the most common blunder? Of course we cannot tell everything. But we can say that a lot goes wrong with cables, coffee and notebooks, and that there is always someone without an adapter. And do you want to know what we often forget? Simple: coffee. We run so fast for our guests that we sometimes forget ourselves. Pathetic? No, it is not. We do it with a lot of love and fun. That enthusiasm is exactly what you feel when you enter our locations.