Always a good reason for an overnight trip: our season sale really is very tempting

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There is always a good reason to treat yourself to our season sale. Because the sun is shining, because you’ve been very busy, because reading that great book without being disturbed is long overdue, or because you just want someone else to make your breakfast for you. Whatever your reason; you’re always welcome at Postillion Hotels.
Our season sale is available to anyone who just wants to get away for a bit. You can book this offer from as little as 65 euros per room per night. Would you also like to join us for dinner? These offers start from just 99 euros per room per night.
Is it a shopping spree in Amsterdam, Deventer or Rotterdam you’re after? Or would you prefer beautiful hikes or cycling tours in the nature preserves of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the Biesbosch or the Veluwe? They’re all included in our season sale. And the best part is; you can book multiple offers in this season sale. Struggling to choose between a city trip or a nature trip? Why not do both?
You can book your night away with breakfast included from as little as 65 euros at the following locations: : Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Bunnik, RotterdamArnhem, Deventer, Amersfoort Veluwemeer.

Want to make your time away even more carefree? Book our season sale package with two-course dinner included. These offers start from just 99 euros per room per night. The package with two-course dinner included is available at these locations: Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Bunnik, Arnhem, Deventer, Amersfoort Veluwemeer.
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Don’t miss our season sale! Book your overnight stay today. You’re always welcome at Postillion Hotels.

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