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Update Coronavirus 

Currently there is an important misunderstanding: that all events will not take place until 1 September. That is not the case. There is an important distinction between the so-called "public events" and "private events". Public events, such as festivals, are subject to a permit requirement. Private events, such as meetings and congresses, are not. The announced measures that apply until at least 1 September apply to "public events". Not for "private events".

We are ready with our companies for the 1.5 meter society from the moment the cabinet says it is allowed again. The date of May 20 applies for private events.


Dear guest, customer and relation,
These are special times - we have never experienced this before. We have decided to close all our locations until the 19th of May. This decision was prompted by the announced measures from the Dutch Government and from health point of view for our guests and employees.
Arrivals up to and including Tuesday 19 May will be canceled free of charge. This applies to both room nights and meetings. The hotels are not open to business points, to public functions and not to the restaurant.
This decision goes against our hospitality DNA. We stand for "attention with impact" but for the moment this is the best decision.
Our commercial teams are of course available to you during this period. We are happy to help you with questions and / or future reservations. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you as from May 20, 2020.
If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to send me an email:
Kind regards,
Erik-Jan Ginjaar
Managing Director.

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Brain Break

„Brain Breaks“ sind stimulierende Energizer, die Ihrem Meeting einen Schub verleihen. Für jeden Zweck gibt es einen sofort einsatzbereiten Brain Break.


Gesundes Essen mit „langsamem Zucker“ und vor allem: sehr lecker!

Business Point

Möchten Sie in Ruhe in einem komfortablen Arbeitsbereich arbeiten? Zeit zwischen zwei Terminen? Holen Sie mehr aus Ihrem Arbeitstag heraus und arbeiten Sie in unserem Business Point.


“Ich habe den Aufenthalt im Postillon sehr genossen, die Räumlichkeiten waren erstklassig und perfekt geeignet für das explorer 7&8 Meeting.’’

- Natalie Coldwell, C2 Events

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